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From Blizzard
Your verification code is 254338- Blizzard Entertainment
From Apple
Apple ID 代码为:456279。请勿与他人共享。 #456279
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Your pin code is 832927.--Netease CloudGaming
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Your code is 2320.
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Apple ID 代码为:961109。请勿与他人共享。
From 4D0E3DA94820
Your code is 2320.
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Apple ID 代码为:801449。请勿与他人共享。
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Apple ID 代码为:236580。请勿与他人共享。 #236580
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087142 (Tencent)
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Apple ID 代码为:245816。请勿与他人共享。
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626644 ist Ihr Best{tigungscode f~r WorldCalls.HbG10M+Kd2o
Yubo code: 7596. Valid for 5 minutes.
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Apple ID 代码为:714461。请勿与他人共享。
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018598 is your PaddyPower promotion validation code.
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038072 is your Amazon OTP. Do not share it with anyone.
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Your Skype Caller ID is now active. If you did not activate it yourself, go to and enter this code to deactivate it: WAVFOS
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Use WAVFOS to verify your Skype Caller ID
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Naver Verification Code : 993025
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[Pinterest Taskmall] This year's best online revenue app reminds you, here your verification code is: 551173

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